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Company Tax, Company Accounts & Other Taxes

Directors & Their Taxes

Looking at the interface of Personal Tax and Company Tax for small owner Managed Business and year 1 of a Company.

There are many elements involved in tax planning in this way and we have lots of options we can discuss with you for what is best. 

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All About Payroll

Payroll is something that can be a distraction for some businesses.

Would it be more cost effective to pay a Payroll Bureau (like AMA) to do the Payroll for you? So you can earn more money doing other things?

If you think how much time you spend on Payroll, how much Sales or Turnover could you bring in, doing your Core Activity in your Business?

We at AMA offer Payroll Solutions and this is a comprehensive service.

  • Pensions – we can run Pensions for you linked to your Payroll Software and assist you in your obligations with the Pensions Regulator here in the UK. We also provide the Software as part of the fee.

  • The Payroll itself, we have Software and work closely with you to Administer your Payroll.

  • Payroll Month runs from 6th of current month to the 5th of the next month.

  • We run Payrolls on the last day of each month.

  • We Email payslips to you.

  • We notify you about your PAYE NI tax to pay by the 19th of the following month to HMRC.

  • We can help with HMRC Queries or troubleshoot with Payroll / Payroll + Pensions links problems.

*= We at AMA often have small Owner Managed Businesses (1 or 2 Directors) where we incorporate Payroll alongside Dividends for tax planning for Limited Companies.